Headshine CD Hits the Stores!

Posted by Amedeo on Wednesday May 26, 2010 Under Events, Music, Photography

It was great been part of Headshine’s CD release event in Lakewood, CA. I had the pleasure to meet Ras parents. His mother is from my hometown, how interesting… what a small world. Merchandise looks really good, CD and tee-shirts are available for purchase. Make sure to get a copy! Also make sure to become a fan of his Facebook, Twitter or Myspace site! Thank you Ras again for the fun time.  (You can view more photos from the CD photoshoot here).

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The Shutdown Rocks!

Posted by Amedeo on Sunday May 2, 2010 Under Music, Photography

We met with the band in a industrial area of Fullerton late in the afternoon. Brian, Andrew, Chris and Jackob came ready to “Rock ‘n Roll”. The photo shoot started with Brian in front of a big metal door. second was Andrew posing for a very simple but yet powerful shot in front of a wall. With Chris an Jackob we decided to move across the train tracks by an old shack. At the end, I shot some photos of the band together to conclude the experience with some old classic attitude. Make sure to check them out! Thanks to the band for looking so good and being so fun. Thanks to my assistants Gigi and Ben for making the shoot easier.

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Headshine CD Cover Photo Shoot

Posted by Amedeo on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 Under Music, Photography

Fantastic photo shoot with Ras in Huntington Beach, CA. Started at the beach and ended up ”gorilla-style” shoot in front of someone’s home. Headshine CD release date is May 26, 2010. Check out this link to get more information about Headshine.  Thank you Ras for the collaboration.

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In Blues We Trust! Richard Knight

Posted by Amedeo on Sunday Apr 18, 2010 Under Motorcycles, Music, Photography

Second photoshoot for the “Guitar Players” Series was with bluesman Richard Knight from Costa Mesa, CA. The photo shoot was in Downtown Fullerton where red brick buildings give the photos a classic bluesy feeling. Thank you Rich for a fun photoshoot. Can’t wait to shoot next time with with your bobber “The Cheater”.

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“Guitar Players” Series is born…

Posted by Amedeo on Sunday Apr 11, 2010 Under Music, Photography

Today I shot my first two portraits for my new series: “Guitar Players”. I love guitars and I admire those who can play with talent.
Michael is a great Swedish Blues guitarist. I have known him for almost 20 years. ” What can I say… I love the guy! Foggetaboutit!” :-)
Jens is a good friend of Michael from Sweden. They’ve been friends since attending the music school in Sweden.

I would like to thank you guys for the great time at the photo shoot. Thank you to Lotta for letting me use your beautiful home as a location.

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JWU Cover CD Photo Shoot, Monrovia, CA

Posted by Amedeo on Saturday Apr 25, 2009 Under Music, Photography

What a great day, I had the pleasure of photographing the band JWU for the cover of their debut music CD. Look them up, they are really great.

Thank you guys for a fantastic shoot and special thanks to Amie for directing the whole thing.

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